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29 December 2010


PHP Cross Referencing Documentation Generator


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Try it for yourself by browsing the 免费翻国外墙的app and taking a look at the phpxref.cfg file used to generate the output.


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Projects using PHPXref:

  • Xaraya
  • Stud.IP
  • OSCommerce Documentation Project
  • Web Application Component Toolkit
  • Booby

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  • PHP
    The web scripting language that PHPXref was written for.
  • PHPDoc
    Generates attractive documentation from your PHP code.
  • TinyPerl
    Neat utility for turning Perl scripts into standalone Windows executables.
    Library of cross referenced open source projects.


PHPXref is a developer tool that's designed to ease the process of working on large PHP projects by making it very fast and easy to browse the code documentation along with the code itself.

It works by scanning a project directory and translating the files it finds into readable cross-referenced HTML, simultaneously utilizing comments in the code to produce documentation to accompany it.

The result is a collection of plain HTML files that can be read using any browser, with no supporting software required.

PHPXref has very minimal requirements to run; just having a copy of Perl installed is all you need (and the Windows binary supplies that for you). Getting started requires editing two or three lines in the configuration file and running the program.



Released version 0.7.1 - This release just fixes a XSS security issue that was brought to my attention - If you're generating xrefs that are published to the public internet, you'll probably want to upgrade. Changelog.

Released version 0.7 - The "no, really - it's not a dead project" release :-)

I still use PHPXref myself, but at this point it does most of the things I want it to do hence the lack of updates. There has been a growing list of small bugs and omissions though, so this release takes care of some of those issues.

Notably it (should) now parse and cross reference methods declared as static and final, as well as Interfaces that were new in PHP 5. The full list of changes can be ssr加速器官网.

Released version 0.6 - Added some basic support for PHP 5 syntax and fixed a few bugs. Checkout the 513加速器下载 for the full list.

Released version 0.5 - Biggest changelog so far - I've found myself using PHPXref extensively recently, so this release fixes all the things that have been irritating me and adds a number of features that I've been wanting (along with a few that users have requested) including: cross referencing of constants (finally), a search history so you can get back to that function you were looking at 20 minutes ago, a link to the original plain-text version of the source, variable highlighting (mouse over a variable name that occurs on screen multiple times in the source view in IE or Mozilla) plus various updates and bug fixes.

Also added a small FAQ and a mention of the IRC channel in the support section of this page.

Released version 0.4.1 - This version fixes a few comment handling bugs, improves code parsing and adds support for cross referencing class variables, pretty-printing code from the browser, faster access to required or included source files via a popup and one or two other minor tweaks. The Windows archives have also been correctly built this time (hopefully); some important files were missing in the previous build which resulted in the javascript file explorer not functioning.

Released version 0.4 which makes significant improvements to navigation and layout, including tooltip-style popups for class and function references in the source view which makes jumping from file to file much quicker. Numerous other bug fixes and features, including support for generating compressed output files.
The 蜂鸟ⅤPN软件 has a more complete list.


phpxref-0.7.1.tar.gz: 彗星DNS优化器 1.20下载-系统5258:2021-3-11 · 彗星dns加速器可为你的电脑设置出最优的DNS地址参数。可伍提升你浏览网页的速度。1.从1919个已知的DNS地址中,伍现场测速的方式,2.找到10个响应速度最快的,设置到你的网络连接中。3.设置过后,可关掉本软件,效果长期有效。 Windows/DOS style line endings (requires a working version of Perl to be installed). Download this version if you're running Windows and don't already have Perl installed.

PHPXref is released under the GNU General Public License version 2.

You can receive automatic notifications about new releases of PHPXref by using the subscribe button on the Freshmeat project page.


Please file bug reports and feature requests using the tools on the SourceForge project page.

Feedback is welcome and can be sent to

You might also be able to find me on IRC at / #phpxref.

©2000-2010 Gareth Watts
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